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Brisbane Caravan Storage Options are Reducing

During the Covid pandemic and international travel restrictions, record numbers of Australians purchased caravans.  With the return of international travel many of those caravan owners are nor looking for Brisbane caravan storage and finding it is not as easy as they had hoped.


brisbane caravan storage

The rate of caravan ownership in Australia grew by 150% in the five years to October 2021.  Much of that growth occurred in the two years of the Covid Pandemic.  That is not the end of the story though.  At the time of the census there were many more Australians who had ordered caravans but were waiting on delivery which was taking in many cases twelve months or more from the time of the order because of the supply chain issues stemming from covid and the shortage of coal for power generation in China.

At the same time property prices were soaring, including industrial property prices and many of Brisbane's caravan storage facilities found the land they leased had been land banked for future development.  The land owners were taking advantage of the inflated prices and selling, forcing the car and caravan storage facilities to close.  Many owners of stored cars were forced to look for alternative facilities and some remaining facility owners found that car storage was more lucrative than caravan storage making it even harder for caravan owners to find storage.

The extreme shortage of caravan storage is not going to go away in the near future.  More caravans are being delivered every day and storage options continue to reduce.

We have been able to expand available storage at our Brisbane Caravan Storage facility in Salisbury this year which is all indoor storage and at the same time have opened a new hard stand facility at Beenleigh.  Indoor storage is still in short supply but we are doing our best to accomodate new customers.  In some cases that may require a period on a wait list before space is available but we can offer hard stand storage at Beenleigh for people on the waitist.

If you are anticipating the need for Brisbane caravan storage contact us early to ensure space is available when you need it.

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