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 Caravan Storage Is Getting Harder To Find

Number of Caravans in Australia up 150% in Five Years

The 2021 census shows that caravan ownership in Australia has increased by 150% since the previous census five years earlier.  This can be explained by the combination of an aging population with a higher number of retirees, the explosion in the popularity of local holidays as a result of Covid travel restrictions and even the increased cost of holiday homes.  Regardless or the reasons, this growth in caravan ownership has created another problem.

House blocks continue to get smaller and councils are increasingly banning the parking of caravans on suburban streets.  That means all these caravans have to be stored somewhere when not in use. 


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Caravan storage is in short supply, and not just because of the increase in the number of caravans and the decrease in the number of homes that can house one.  Another aspect of the equation is land values.  Property values have increased dramatically in the last two years and storage facilities are no exception.  Facilities are facing rate and rent increases.

In the past caravan storage facilities were often empty buildings or vacant land being put to use for storage while awaiting another opportunity.  At least three caravan storage facilities in Brisbane have been sold off to developers in the last year and closed down.  Others have taken advantage of the demand and have become more selective of what types of vehicles they will allow to be stored.

In short, caravan storage has become an issue for caravan owners and one that is not likely to improve in the short term.

Our facility at Salisbury is constantly operating at close to maximum capacity but accepting new clients as space becomes available.

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